Finding the Farmers Club


Our address is:

The Classic Car Club of Bury St Edmunds

c/o Bury St Edmunds Farmers Club

10 Northgate Street

Bury St Edmunds

IP33 1HQ


The map shows, roughly where we are located, BUT...

  • We are on the other side of the road to the tip of the marker shown

  • Our main entrance is from our (large) car park to the rear of the building.  See below for how to get there

  • Some satnavs will take you to the new Northgate Hotel, rather than the Farmers Club.  Fear not; you are only a few yards away.  See below.

Getting into our car park

Coming up Northgate Street  from the south

I'm sure, having read the instructions for coming from the north, you can work this out for yourself!

Proceeding down Northgate Street  from the north (A14)

  1. Continue a few yards (metres!) past the Northgate hotel, which will be on your right. This is the building to the north of the junction with Pump Lane (see map).  We are the building to the south of that junction.

  2. Just before you reach the traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing there is a small turn to your right.  This is Pump Lane.

  3. Continue about 100 yards up pump lane.  You will see the first "entrance" to our car park.  This is the EXIT, so don't try to go in there!

  4. Continue another 100 yards or so and you will see the second entrance.  This is the real entrance!

  5. At the barrier, type in the Club access code - 6040.  This will only work on the days and at the times when we have club events.  Otherwise, contact reception and ask to be let in.